If you’re looking to catch your audience’s attention quickly, and transform it into action. There’s no better way than with a uniquely-designed video wall.

Outright Purchase Pricing

Our pricing starts from under £400 per month and is 100% tax deductible*. What better way to make a lasting, unforgettable impression?

Talk to us about a proof of concept where we can discuss relevant case histories and the options best suited to your business.

Weekly Rental Pricing

Are you still delivering your high-end presentations using yesterday’s technology?

New, state-of-the-art LED screens give a brighter, clearer image, are more reliable and are far more versatile than a projector.

What’s more, they cost less than you think. You can rent a large, seamless screen from us for less than £3000 a week (which includes mount and cables). We can install and de-rig this at a cost of around £350.00 per technician, per day, depending on how large the LED wall is.

* Based on 5-year lease purchase agreement – tbc

All prices exclude shipping, local sales taxes and travel expenses.

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We can create unique digital signage of nearly any size and shape. And tailor it to the space itself; whether that’s one or multiple locations. 

Here are some options to make your video wall really stand out:

    • Unique and immersive content
    • 360° immersive content
    • 4K/8K showreel/videos
    • Customised/Personalised off-the-shelf 4K/8K content

If you want to see some examples or know more about how we can help you meet your digital signage needs, get in touch today!