Video Wall Guest Post Opportunities

The main purpose of this site is to show what digital marketing is capable of regarding lead generation and inbound marketing.

If you want to reach more people searching for ‘video wall’ and ‘digital signage’, then you’re in the right place.

As of the 30 September 2018, there were, on average, 10,000 searches a month on Google UK for the keyword ‘video wall’. With the same number of searches for the keywords ‘audiovisual’ and ‘digital signage’. While ‘media wall’ only receives 317 average searches.

I will be launching at the beginning of January 2019, and the plan is to make it a great independent resource for anyone considering video wall, or digital signage solutions.

The aim of this website is for visitors to see what the current trends are in video wall technology, with a focus on content; copy and more importantly, graphics.

Guest post conditions:

Main criteria: it has to be interesting and we won’t publish rubbish!

100% original content, not published elsewhere.

Minimum 1500 words, additional brownie points for 2000+ word articles.

Posts must be well-researched and relevant.

Assertions need to be substantiated with a relevant link to a case study or research validating it.

Include photos, at least one (which need to be above-board), better still supply 2-3 photos.

Real names only, no assumed names; this site is 100% genuine.

If you want to be involved – get in touch today!


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Local SEO – 13 December 2018 (High Wycombe)

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I’ve meant to get into London for the past couple of weeks, but the weatherman’s been putting me off with frighteners in the forecast for snow (it was chaos here last Wednesday).

So I’ve had time to do some thinking.

When I ask most people what they’re trying to achieve from their website, they’ll tell me incoming sales leads. In most cases, from a quick audit of their site, I can see there’s very little chance they’re going to achieve this.

Here are some basics for a successful lead generation machine:

    • Keyword and competitor research is a must.
    • You’ll need buyer personas. I’ve been working with clients in financial services and what became clear very quickly is that you’ll need completely different marketing to get a 50-year-old to complete an online form than you would a 30-year-old.
    • The days of linkbait are well and truly over. Todays messaging has to be about value.
    • You’ll need to humanise your visitor’s experience and fully understand how you can get in touch with people’s needs.
    • Your website needs to be fast; your visitors deserve and expect it to be and so does Google.